Friends Women’s health tips for the new year

Friends Women’s health tips for the new year
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Are you thinking of putting a priority  on health in the new year busy women  often put their own needs way down. The  line of list of things that are  important friends of prentice wants you  to change. That I’m joined by Kristen  field executive director of friends of  prentice she’s live with us via zoom  good morning  good morning. Thanks for having me so you  say taking control of your health starts  in January with a planning day what do  you mean by that  um absolutely well i think it can start  today um but uh what I’m gonna do is for  my volunteers and for some of our  part-time staff members  to set aside time during the working day  to make a list of all of those important.


appointments immunizations  dermatologists visit gynecologists  whatever areas mental health counseling  therapy you know and really examine okay  we want to make sure that we’re taking  our health into our own hands and  setting aside time for that because  healthy women  equals healthy families and healthy  communities  and making a list of that certainly  makes you understand what you need to  focus on but so run us through some  other tips self exams focus on sleep how  you identify stress you know what’s  important to point out here  absolutely so i would say number one  trust your intuition and how you’re  feeling um so for example if you’re  feeling a little under the weather right.


now um uh i can tell you from personal  experience if you have that at home  covet test take the test it’s it’s a  good step to protect our families and  our communities  your self-exams another example for you  is a family friend was doing her own  breast self exams and discovered a lump  she’s 26 years old so wouldn’t have been  in that age range of routine but now she  can get the critical care that she needs  so those are some areas i would even say  we have one week left in the year what’s  one thing that you want to do so that  could be  drinking an extra glass of water walking  for 15 minutes it doesn’t have to be  huge but just listening to our listening  to your body and trusting your intuition  well

Massive Goal

is that there’s a small  thing that you can do like drinking  water or something it doesn’t have to be  a massive goal right  absolutely and i think that just yes  having a glass of water and and not you  know those tiny habits that you can make  that really help and i think sitting  down in the new year for 30 minutes and  just writing down okay what are those  appointments i need to make who are  those doctors that i need to talk to i  think is is really critical as as we go  into this new year so what does friends  of apprentice do for women  so friends apprentice uh thank you for  asking um i first wanted to  before we even start about that is  acknowledge our health care workers.

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