Patient Women Hormone Health Care

Patient Women Hormone Health Care
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hello everyone well we women go through  all kind of hormonal imbalance through  our journey from puberty to  perimenopause to menopause and Beyond  well that’s what we wanted to talk about  today with Dr Rosita Dr Rosita is a  naturopathic physician joining me live  from San Diego and she focuses on  women’s hormonal Health welcome Dr  Rosita  thank you thank you very much for  accepting me and giving me this time  great.

Hormonal patients

so let’s just understand uh the  role of naturopathic medicine and what  is the process when someone walks into  your door and they have hormonal  imbalance  as a naturopath they spent too much time  with patients so the first visit I  talked to my patients at least 45  minutes to one hour  to let to know them better ask them many  questions because as a natural pipe we  look at the whole person okay so we when  I talk to them I find the cause what is  causing this hormonal imbalance.


 then  after that I let them know what kind of  tools or tests do we have for them and  as a naturopath we have the best test  key best method of testing the hormones  uh as a natural but I test the bad  hormones good hormones  um so I look at the whole picture all  the details and then according to the  test and the steam comma patient I start  treating them treating them with natural  medicine  so we go step by step  okay so what after you’ve gone through a  very detailed analysis.

Lab Testing

 lab testing  let’s just understand the process in the  sense of therapies that you’re using  right but it’s a diet or a lifestyle or  any naturopathic like uh uh you know  vitamin C therapeutylation herbs so just  explain us what is what is your toolbox  what is the secret sauce here  yes as a naturopath we have many tools  you know  um natural medicine uh natural hormones  and all these natural medicine comes in  either capsule or tincture different  forms depending on the patient you know  what patient is suffering.



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