Orifice Carmen Dell’Orefice: I’m 91 but I look 59

Orifice  Carmen Dell’Orefice: I’m 91 but I look 59
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Are you ready to be blown away by the  beauty of a 91 year old model meet  Carmen Del orifice. The world’s oldest  model who exudes a Timeless Grace that  has captivated the Fashion. World for  over 76 years  in this video she spills the beans on  her five secrets of her youthfulness.  Including her skincare routine diet  morning rituals and exercise let’s not  forget. She’ll also give you a peek into  her love and S life what we will call an  intimate life. So get ready to be  inspired and stay tuned until the very  end for the juicy details  Carmen Del orifice is an iconic. Figure  in the fashion industry recognized for  her striking cheekbones full-bodied.  White hair and graceful limbs born in  New York City in 1931 Carmen was first  discovered.


spills  the beans on her skincare routine diet  exercise and morning rituals and don’t  forget to tune in as she talks about  love and intimacy let’s dive into  Carmen’s secrets of Youth and discover  how you can nurture and love yourself to  look and feel your best no matter your  age skin care routine who says Beauty  Fades with age certainly not Carmen Del  orifice the world’s oldest supermodel at  over 90 years old she still boasts clear  and soft skin that women half her age  would envy while she openly admits to  having enhanced her God-given bone  structure with regular silicone  injections for decades and undergone a  fearsome sounding medical dermabrasion  almost 50 years ago to banish wrinkles  and sun damage Carmen.


so keeps her  makeup routine to a minimum using it  only for industry events and photo  shoots according to Dr Greene makeup  itself doesn’t age your skin but certain  ingredients in makeup have the potential  to build up on your skin which can  effectively trap oils and sweat beneath  them this results in skin to appear dull  and uneven making the skin look aged  for Carmen Del orifice she avoids makeup  altogether when she is not in  professional engagements  she wants her skin to breathe and her  pores to be free diet routine Carmen Del  orifice has always been a vision of  beauty Standing Tall at 5 feet 11 inches  or 180 centimeters and her slim figure  is just as stunning at the age of 91 as  it was when she first started modeling  despite what you may think Carmen

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