6 Simple Self Care Tips To Become A Better You

6 Simple Self Care Tips To Become A Better You
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 you need to do or because you’re just  too busy all the time  like many others you keep putting off  your self-care plans for later  but taking some time for yourself is  incredibly beneficial for your mental  health and general well-being  and it can be surprisingly easy to do  although  self-care varies from person to person  certain aspects  such as reducing stress eating better  and getting enough sleep  serve as the foundation for self-care so  if you don’t know where to start here  are six simple self-care tips  to help you become a better you number  one  make a sleep routine do you have a  consistent time to go to bed  practicing self-care is easier when you  create a routine  because it mentally prepares.

Create Plan

You to  disconnect  and it’s especially helpful when it  comes to going to bed  if you find. That you have trouble  falling asleep try to create a plan  that prepares you for bedtime. Drinking  water before bed or reading a book to  wind down  are some things. You could try some even  say that dimming the lights before  sleeping works well as it signals your  brain to start producing melatonin  the sleep hormone this tip works great  especially if you spend hours in front  of the computer  number two eat mindfully  are you mindful of what you eat while  working out is also mentioned in  self-care articles  what you put into your body is also  equally important  apart from how it affects your physical  well-being it also can play a role in  your mental health.

Nerve Cells

  consider the 100 million nerve cells  that line your gastrointestinal tract  that are in constant communication with  your brain  according to an article published in  2017 inflammation of your bowels may be  one of the causes of issues like stress  anxiety and depression ultimately you  might want to consider making it your  goal to eat better to feel better  rather than only to look better number  three  create and enforce boundaries  do you set boundaries with other people  while some may  falsely believe that boundaries exist to  deliberately exclude certain types of  people from our life  it doesn’t although it can end up doing  that  boundaries primarily exist as a reminder  that you need to take care of yourself  first they serve.

Number Six

 one by one  you can start to take the steps to  create a more tidy and clean environment  for yourself  and your mental well-being and number  six  do something you love are there hobbies  that you love doing  when most people think about self-care  it’s probably something that involves  dancing around your favorite music with  a face mask on  well you might think it’s cheesy the  point is that you’re doing something fun  ultimately self-care is about you so do  something that makes you happy  whether it’s reading a book or going for  a run as long as you’re not harming  yourself or other people  doing something you love and making  yourself happy is essential in caring  for yourself  which tip did you find most helpful let  us

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