Help 10 Habits for Your Mental Health đŸŒ±

Help 10 Habits for Your Mental Health đŸŒ±
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hi my loves welcome back to lavendaire  let’s talk about mental health and what  the top habits are for supporting your  mental health  here on this channel we talk about how  to tap into your true self and create  your dream life but all of that isn’t  possible without a solid foundation for  your mental and emotional well-being  it’s crucial to take care of yourself  and develop habits that will help you  thrive  so today we’ll explore those very habits  the first step is always awareness  then comes intention and then change  so without further ado here are the top  10 habits for your mental health  alright so the most important habit for  your mental health is practicing being  present being present is a skill it’s  knowing.

Time Travel

How to live in the now being  here in this current moment too often  our minds like to time travel. We like to  think about the past think about the  future whether you are just thinking  about regrets. Or worrying about the  things that you’ve done the mistakes  you’ve made or maybe you are too focused  in the future. Whether you are anxious or  stressed out about the future help or just  you know focusing on something. That is  not happening right now right in front  of you so the present moment really is  your place of power. It’s your place  where you can create your life from  nothing is possible if it’s not  happening. In the present moment like you  use your present moment to make things  happen by practicing.


Being more present  and being more mindful of the current  moment you are training. Your brain to  focus on what matters to focus on where  you have your power instead of being. Distracted by the wanderings of your  mind and going into the past going to  the future. Those are really just distractions you  don’t have power in the past or the  future. You have your power now and so if  you can live in the present moment more  and more then. That is such an important  habit for your mental health the next  very important habit for your mental  health. Is to allow yourself to feel your  emotions it’s okay to feel i know that  sounds. Very simple because a lot of  people are good at feeling their  emotions.


but there are also a lot of  people who are not in touch with their  emotions and a lot of us do suppress how  we feel sometimes we keep it in or maybe  you want to cry but you hold it back and  you push it down and that suppression of  your emotions is not healthy mentally  emotionally physically like it affects  your body in some way when you feel an  emotion don’t judge it just  look at it be aware of it allow yourself  to feel it and express it learn to be  able to hold a safe space for yourself  to feel these emotions because not  dealing with them is going to make it a  bigger issue later on so just allow  yourself to feel it as it comes  another habit that is super important  for your mental health is to have an  outlet to express yourself.

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